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If i could give you unfinishd
If I could give you the world,
I would have to take you out.
Send you the moon,
but then light would doubt.
Our paths set in stone,
good turns into bad.
If I could give you anything,
what would you want to have?
If I could give you a star,
would it be too bright?
If I gave you a lighter,
would you set my soul on fire?
Burn it all down,
until only ashes are left.
If I could give you anything,
what would I have; ready and set?
If i could sing you a song,
would it be love metal, or death?
Would it make your heart sing,
or turn it in another direction?
If I could give you anything,
would it make you feel everything, or nothing?
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Skull of an Entertainer by AliceIsFallingDown Skull of an Entertainer :iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0
Broken is the Lambs promise,
to myself when He shed blood.
I don't know, if I will trust again,
but I will always try.
I know I love you,
but I don't understand.
How I came to trust you,
how we came to this end.
Though with every end,
is a new beginning.
One more love,
to descend upon my living.
My body damned,
what this means, I don't know.
Though my soul will descend,
and hopefully will yours.
I came to realize,
that it's you which matters most.
Not family, nor friends,
I always have hope.
Please take my promise,
to love you forever without end.
My love is deeper than a black hole,
and longer than the darkend night.
The only thing I want in return,
is your protection and love.
And I will promise to do the same,
and meet in the above.
Hope keeps me alive,
the hope if your dark light.
I know you will make me stronger,
and we will grow stronger together within time.
I know you have hope,
to be together again.
Hopefully it will last forever
And have a new beginning,
with every end.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 1 0
I am sorry
I never meant to hurt you,
or get you cut up in a lie.
I just wanted to search the options,
of things which happen in my life.
To see how things could change,
or how how to start a new beginning.
What could I do,
to make the end of this renewing?
I miss the old days,
of how we used to be.
All so happy,
and all so free.
But now I feel blackened,
cold, and dead.
After all things,
that have happened, or have been said.
I know I have hurt you,
trust me, I never meant to.
It's just all the drama,
which this world gives me with no truth.
In the end,
I know things will work out.
It might take time,
but it will work after a while.
Help be become a better me,
help me see things different.
I need to see the world,
how everyone else sees it.
Help me reach my goals,
of never letting go.
Of the truths,
which set me free,
from the madness,
from the mean.
From the lies,
which this world creates,
help me see,
a new me.
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Eternity Shines and Shows
Lying with my eyes,
doubt in my soul.
Never wanting to die,
even when I grow old.
In need of God and Christ,
loosing my senses.
My Darling, save me on this night,
tonight won't be the end of my self-conscious.
Lying within my heart,
staring at the sky.
God you are my love,
God and Christ is the reason I'm still alive.
Christ gave us His blood,
and so for that I thank God for sending Him.
My Darling, you saved me,
because you could.
Lying in my mind,
life in my soul.
Staring at the stars,
where eternity shines and shows.
Give me the strength,
to live another day.
God, save me!
I signed my life to you today.
Lying in my soul,
thinking of You.
What You have done for me,
and all of Your truth.
You're teaching me Your ways,
slowly, but surely.
Thank You,
for giving me this Your living truth.
You last longer than the stars,
and You go deeper than a black hole.
This forever which last longer,
than this universe and world.
You are my love,
You are my life.
You are my Eternity,
the light in the
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 1 0
It's Against
It's against what I know,
and I can't complain.
It's inside agony,
and inside pain.
I don't know how this started,
but it's deeper than a black hole.
It's deeper than forever,
and I've lost all hope.
It's against all promises,
that I have sworn to protect.
It's inside these promises,
that I now have to forget.
I don't know how this happened,
me loosing myself.
Loosing my self conscious,
I don't need help.
It's against all hope,
and against all odds.
I don't know how to stop,
this feeling of being lost.
It's bigger than the sky,
bigger than forever.
It's bigger than all odds,
to be continued forever.
It's against the Heaven's,
let alone hell.
It's making me loose focus,
and now I am not well.
I cannot tell,
if we'll make it out alive.
Against the tide,
of what lies inside.
It's against the light in the darkness,
now the light is gone.
It's never to be found,
but only lost.
Oh, why can't I see,
this pain that this has caused me?
Living on the run,
living for the free.
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Heart Shaped Smile
One night,
she was crying.
Coiled up,
on the ground.
He found her by the lake,
and held her in his arms.
She told him everything,
and she was upset no more.
A heart shaped smile,
showed on her face.
Like a door,
into her soul.
No more is she sad,
she embraced.
The face in front of the door.
One night,
they were laughing.
a silly, little, maniac song.
They were laughing,
and singing alone.
So, one called another,
they did it together.
So, came,
a heart shaped smile.
Love is a thing,
you never let go of.
Truth always sets you free,
from anything, and everything.
Sets you free,
from this earth.
A heart shaped smile,
is now in rebirth.
So people learned from them,
now smiles are everywhere.
No one seems depressed,
or angry anywhere.
So came a lullaby,
of a sweet, silly, little maniac song.
A heart shaped smile,
is now yours.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0
Yeah, I Love Life
Yeah, I love life.
It's rough,
but I'll make it through.
Now, here comes the tide.
Everything is going good.
Yeah, you think you're tough.
But truth is your weak inside.
Now, your hurt.
Things don't seem right.
Yeah, I love life.
Though, it's hard to understand.
Now, here it is.
All alone again.
They sing, "Na Na Na."
But they don't know the true feeling of happiness.
They yell, "I'm happy!"
But the truth is their feeling pain.
Yeah, I love life.
It's gonna be hard without you.
Now, what's going on?
I seem lost in the crowd.
They sing, "Let's rejoice!"
Though I can see the lies in their eyes.
They yell, "I'm not in remorse."
Though that's all lies.
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Humans, Overrated
I hear the wind.
Though it's soft,
I know it will pick up.
Why must we fight,
instead of get along.
My family is dead.
Though I can only see angels.
That's all to be said.
The wind picks up,
everything is blowing away!
Where is the life,
of the humans today?
It seems they're all gone!
But I don't belong anywhere.
In the world of angels,
and demons, that pair.
Is there life for them now?
Can't hear any sound.
Where are they now?
For they have died in vain!
Such ovulation,
such pain.
Angels and demons rule.
Though they are at war with one another,
they have something to share for good.
They both rule one person,
and follow them, they must.
They follow more than one, differences rule.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0
Death, and Decay
The pain is growing sharper,
the more I run, the more I can sense them.
They're gaining on me,
what do I do to keep myself distant?
I can't realize,
that this is my day.
and decay.
Their screams are getting louder,
saying, "Please stop, we're not here to hurt you!"
But I know they are,
or else I wouldn't be running, would you?
All I ask,
is to just stop and let me go.
But you won't,
now I am on my own.
and decay.
Where am I running to?
Is this place important?
I am so confused,
why am I running to an dead end?
My life is loosing interest,
as they gain on me.
don't let me bleed.
I beg you,
and decay.
here's the end.
It's time to stop running,
and face it.
I am.
and decay.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0
O' Hallows Eve
I told her not to smile,
as she killed me.
But she did it anyways,
and I screamed.
No one to hear me,
blood on her hands.
Now to haunt her,
is my decision.
Don't take it lightly,
it's only because I love you.
Just go slowly,
and I'll be true with my words.
The haunting begins,
and her screams never go heard.
Why are they not heard,
as we cried out for a while.
I mean, common'!
I accepted my fate,
now accept yours!
Don't make a mistake again,
to the point of no return.
You should have left me alone,
and not killed me instead.
Now you are living,
with the dead.
I guess the reason I,
chose to haunt you so.
Is because it was O' Hallows Eve,
the day the dead can't hide or let go.
Please forgive my sorrow,
and my pain from that day.
But now the dead is here,
and here to stay.
You did this to yourself!
You should never, kill on O' Hallows Eve!
I won't let you forget,
I'll even send you dreams.
So, take your pills,
go to sleep.
Have yourself,
a horrid life until your dead and free.
Oh, can you
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 2 1
V1- I cried all night,
thinking of you.
I tried to fight,
all the abuse.
H1- Nights grow colder.
Cold makes the cut on life.
Days grow shorter.
As light seems to not be recognized. Again.
C1- I forgive you.
My love, so be true.
I forgive life.
And all it's horrors it gives me.
Don't deny. Just defy.
All of the ignorance.
Can't deny. Just defy.
All the ignorance.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0
I walked through the smoke....
I walked through the smoke,
and smelled the familiar shock.
While her life is being provoked,
from the cigarettes in her box.
She is slowly killing herself,
the more she does, the closer she gets.
Her children are going to be by their self,
if she doesn't quit while she's ahead.
The music plays in her head,
with a sadness written on her face.
She wants to quit, but,
her sadness slows the pace.
Please, just for once,
put the cigarette down.
Please, Mom! Before you die,
please throw away the Smoke Queen's crown!
She walked through the smoke,
and smelled a familiar thing.
She provoked smoking,
to her son and the Smoke King.
They are slowly dying,
oh please, stop here.
Prince and King,
She needs you, to her you're never near.
The music plays, all over again,
but they just won't listen.
To the voices, in their head,
they just let the cigarette light glisten.
None of them could stop smoking,
so they slowly fade away.
Smoke Prince, Queen, and King,
cry out the next day, and quit.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 1 2
I'm Not Alone
C1- I'm not alone,
though I don't know where i stand.
I'm not alone,
with all these thoughts in my head.
I gotta' go,
no more questioning in my head.
I gotta' go,
the room is filled with the dead.
V1- Life seems so hard. (oo, ho)
I used to question you my love. (oo, ho)
I felt so cold. (oo, ho)
But now, but now.
H1- I'm searching for the answers in my head.
When you send me a dream that I'll never forget.
I spent all this time crying in my bed.
I wanted you here. (but now)
V2- I can't control. (oo, ho)
These feelings I show. (oo, ho)
Though you're dead. (oo, ho)
You're watching over me at your best.
B1- I know you're in a better place.
Though it seems it's a beautiful mistake.
When you died, I'll always stand.
For the love that we had when we first met.
V3- It's your life. (oo, ho)
It was your time. (oo, ho)
And now I'm right. (oo, ho)
When tonight I find.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0
The Battlefield
"Save us!" they cried,
tears made of blood.
It burns their eyes,
as they cry "War."
The pain exceeds limits,
they're tearing out their own eyes.
He's filled with sadness,
and deprived of love.
"Please, forgive me;
my people are weak!"
They order their new army,
to descend among the meek.
The army marches on,
walking for so long it gave them pain.
"The battlefield!" someone cried,
as they approached an painful sight.
The fight, seconds away,
from a troublesome loss.
They beg and plead,
"Please don't kill our young!"
The fight, it's over,
the weak are gone.
But later that night,
some stranger to both tribes fell among this place.
But was not prepared for,
all the bloody faces.
The war starts again,
as ghost rose from the grave.
Now the battlefield,
is a deadly plane.
For whoever comes onto the ground,
will be thrown away.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0
She Falls
She falls,
Lying on the floor.
With blood,
Out of her pours.
Her screams,
When she died.
Everything was,
Somewhere in time.
She falls,
Bleeding all her pain.
Whoever opened the door,
could not save her.
A tree,
Brings me back.
To the,
death she had.
:iconaliceisfallingdown:AliceIsFallingDown 0 0


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Starting to write my DEMANTICIDE book on my computer. It's turning out well so far, I am on chapter one, right now. just thought i would let you know, it might be finished by the end of this year through the middle of next year.

Sorry it was so short!
Thankies for reading!
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